Are you looking to have a custom outfit made?

Maybe your a model to a brand that needs help with creative direction on a project?

Hey, do you want to learn how to sew?

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Andreya LoveLace Sewing

Consultation Types and Policy 

All consutation fees must be paid prior to schdule the appointment. Andreya LoveLace will contact you to schedule your consultation within 24 hours of purchasing your consultation. Apon agreement of the desired designed a contract is signed by both parties.

Custom Outfit 

$65 consultation fee. This fee does not apply to you over all purchase and is nonrefundable. You have 24 hourrs to reschdule the appointment before a penalty fee is emposed. No call no show appointment will result in doubling the consultation fee. It still will not apply to you over all purchse. 

Duration : 1 hour

Bridal Consultation 

$165 consultation fee. This fee does apply to you over all purchase. This is a three part consultation. 

Duration : 3 appointments, 1 hour each

Content Direction/Brand Consulting 

$100 consultation. This fee does not apply to your over all purchase. Negotiation of over all price will be done at the consultation. 

Duration : 1.5 hour 

Vitual Sewing Lessons

$600. Please refer to the picture below. Private advance lessons $50 an hour.

LoveLace Sewing Lessons